Letters to Basswood 11
Occasionally we hear from people who have bought one (or more) of our puppies. 
These letters give us much pleasure. 
Here are a few of the pictures that have been send to us with extracts from some of the letters. 
Please be sure to identify your own dog by its Basswood name if you write to us -- we can't always remember!

From: Rachel Cook
Re: Basswood Josephine (Isis)

Thought we would let you know how Isis (Basswood Josephine) is getting on.  She has settled in so well and become one of the family really quickly.  She is 13 weeks and growing so fast.  Her and Olivia our daughter are bonding so well as you can see from the pics, although they do like to try and share each others toys.  Isis is very quick to learn, easy to train and so laid back about life.  She  has 100% recall and is learning to walk to heel on and off the lead even with the pram, and is doing so beautifully so absolutely delighted with her, a really sweet natured girl.  We've been taking her to puppy playgroups and starting a puppy training course next week.  Will send you more pictures in due course but thanks again for a lovely puppy!! 

Nick, Rachel & Olivia


From: The Cross Family
Re: Basswood Girl

Hello Frank and Maureen, 
I don't know whether you remember me?  I am Basswood Girl and I was very petite when I was born.  It has taken Christine and Peter ages to take a photo of me, because I don't like sitting still and especially when I am outdoors.  This rare occasion was taken a few weeks ago when I was 9 months old and weighed 23 kgs.   Unfortunately, it shows where 
I have chewed the skirting board, but on the whole I am very very good in the house and I have been described as being 'very chilled'.   I can be 
naughty sometimes though and garden excavation is not one of my better 
points!   But they tell me I am very very clever and that I have a lovely 
face and everyone I meet wants to take me home.  I am very very friendly and I wag my tail hard, whenever I meet someone.  I love it when they make a fuss of me.  I have made lots of friends and they telephone to make arrangements to meet up with me to walk and swim.
I have done my Kennel Club Bronze and I am now going to do some gun dog training just for fun. Christine and Peter think I will love it.   I think 
Christine and Peter are really delighted with me, although they really did 
want me to have my coat groomed before taking this photo, so that you would see me at my best - but I do hate that!

Please give my love to my Mum, Granny, Great Granny and all my Aunties and thank you for everything.  I hope you are all well.

Kind Regards, Basswood Girl, Christine and Peter Cross

From: Joy Marnell
Re:  Basswood Cutlass and Basswood Danny Boy

Hi Frank,
Just thought you might like this message and photos of my two beautiful Basswood boys.

Basswood Cutlass now seven and half showing off his 3rd and 4th in grade 2 Agility, where he also got the highest placed Gundog rossette and Trophy
in the grade 2 Grandad Jumping Bean Agility class 2012
And in the red collar Basswood Danny Boy just two years old, showing his win out of grade 2 Agility rossette and trophies at JDA show 6th June 2012.

They are both an utter pleasure to train and compete with, and much adored.
Many thanks for such good breeding stock at Basswood.

From Joy Marnell
June 2012


From: Jemma Bye in Manchester
Re: Basswood Penny

Hi Frank 

I hope you are well, it has been a long time but I bought a puppy from you 3yrs ago, her name is Penny and I thought I would send you some photos. 
She is such a lovely beautiful dog and very very happy.  People constantly comment on her massive ears and huge paws not to mention the fact that she is the prettiest Labrador I have ever had. 
So thank you and here she is!


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