Letters to Basswood 10
Occasionally we hear from people who have bought one (or more) of our puppies. 
These letters give us much pleasure. 
Here are a few of the pictures that have been send to us with extracts from some of the letters. 
Please be sure to identify your own dog by its Basswood name if you write to us -- we can't always remember!

From: Alison, David and Angus Whitehead
Re: Angus (Basswood Derek)

Hi Frank!

We thought we would let you know how Angus (Basswood Derek) is getting on.  He is now 9 months old and is doing really well. He settled in quickly with us, toilet trained in flash and is just such a happy, fun dog. He will do anything for a stick and loves retreiving them from water, he is actually a very good swimmer especially if there are ducks in the middle of New Miller Dam which is one of our regular walking locations. Fortunately he doesnt seem to mind having a shower when we get home either which is good as most days now he needs one!! Although he will still walk around or leap over puddles!

We have been going to Kennel Club classes with him and he is already in silver classes where he is currently the youngest pup, but he loves going to meet all the other dogs and when we pull up in the carpark he bounces around so much in the car we struggle to get his lead on before he charges in to say "Hello" to everyone!! He is a very sociable dog, too sociable sometimes, especially when its time to leave the park in the morning and everyone we meet absolutely loves him.

We have taken him to the Dales for a couple of weekends where he scampered this way and that exploring all the new smells and tastes of cow and sheep poo (?!), although he is very confused why he cant play with the big white fluffy dogs (sheep) that are in many of the fields! He has been to Filey for the day where he loved digging in the sand, chasing frisbees and jumping the waves and this week he had his first experience of snow. He spent ages trying to catch the flakes as they fell around him and happily walked around the park with a massive compacted snowball in his mouth and then searched for ages when we finally got to throw it.

We are hoping to take him gun dog training in the new year, just to see how he does and to give him something new to do.

Hope you are all well
Alison, David and Angus Whitehead

From: Mary Tilley
Re: Basswood Gino (Buster)

Just a couple of photos of Buster.  The first one is with Sadie(Basswood Athena), who is now 13 laid with him when he first arrived in our home, and a more recent one with Sadie with not a lot of room on the bed anymore for both of them!  . . .  How he has grown into a handsome dog!

He is so good and we are very grateful for our new member of our family. 

From: The Walmsley family
Re:  Poppy (Basswood Flora) and Kaala (Basswood Fedora)
Hi Frank

Doesnít time fly.  I canít believe that we have had the pups for 3 months already.  Poppy & Kaala are now 5 months old and they are fabulous puppies,  We are really enjoying having them.  We were a little apprehensive at first about getting two, but they are great company for each other.  We donít have many plants left in the garden, as they seem to like eating them.  Also they work in as a tag team to destroy my plastic garden windmills.

They have been attending puppy training school for the past 6 weeks are are being enrolled for another stint.  They are so quick to learn and very clever.

Kind regards
Cheryl, Andrew, Emily & Hollie

From: The Cross family
Re: Basswood Girl (Mia)

Hello Frank and Maureen, 
Just to let you know that Basswood Girl, 'the little one', who we have named Mia, weighed in at 6.7 kilos today.   She is absolutely full of life and very clever and has kept us well and truly on our toes!   Play biting is our biggest challenge, but I think we are getting there! 

Wherever we go, we are stopped  by people who all comment that she is a 'little beauty' and she loves all the attention and we are besieged by visitors wanting to come and see her.  She has been to puppy parties and has regular play dates with our next door neighbour's eighteen month old working spaniel.   She has been out on the lead this last couple of weeks (not overly impressed with wearing a collar, to start with) and she starts a training class this Thursday.

One thing we haven't quite managed is to take a good photograph of her, she is just never till long enough!   This is our next project.  Hopefully we will be able to send you one or two shortly.  Hope all is well with you. 

Regards Christine and Peter Cross

From: The Coultard Family
Re: Basswood Frangrance (Maggie)
Hello Frank - We thought we would let you know how Basswood Fragrance, who we have called Maggie, is getting on.  She has settled into her new home very well, and is holding her own with the kids!  Like her mother, Mona, Maggie is very placid but full of beans too and enjoys her walks.  Training is coming on well.  Everyone says she is a lovely looking dog, and we agree.  She is now part of the family and life wouldn't be the same without her.

We hope little Gadget has found his new home. [SEE GADGET'S PICS BELOW!]

Hope you're keep well.  Best wishes

Ian, Melanie, Ava, Tom and Maggie

Re: Basswood Scar and Basswood Bruce


Thought I'd just send you some recent pics of my gorgeous boys. Hope you are well.

Sherry Daniels

From: K.Woodward
Re: Basswood Gadget

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