Letters to Basswood 1
Occasionally we hear from people who have bought one (or more) of our puppies. 
These letters give us much pleasure. 
Here are a few of the pictures that have been send to us with extracts from some of the letters. 
Please be sure to identify your own dog by its Basswood name if you write to us -- we can't always remember!

From: Mrs Woods of North Hykeham, Lincs.
Re:" Jed"- 4 years old
Basswood labrador Jed
Merry Christmas!
This was Jed when he was but a pup in July 1997: 
Basswood labrador Jed

From: Jackie Turnpenny of Huddersfield
Re: Basswood Wench - "Poppy"
Basswood Wench, called Poppy
We started going to agility classes and even won two rosettes at the RSPCA dogshow!  We passed the beginner section with flying colours and now attend the intermediates.  You should see her go over the A-frame and through the tunnels.

Please rest assured that Poppy has a good home.  She is a beautiful, happy dog who is loved very much.

Basswood Wench at sea
Poppy at sea ^
Poppy in the snow>
Basswood Wench - labradorin snow

From: Paul & Louise Speers of London
Re: Basswood Diana (Purdey)
Basswood Diana, called Purdy

Purdey is very well, healthy and happy and has become a much loved and adored member of our family.  She has the most wonderful temperament and character and delights everyone she comes into contact with.

We are extremely pleased with her - she is so intelligent and learns things very quickly.  We've had loads of comments about what an obedient and beautiful looking creature she is.


From: Don McBean in Halifax
Re: Breck and Jem
Basswood labradors Breck and Jam

The pics enclosed show both Breck, 25" to the shoulder and a classic Lab, and wee Jem, 20" and just like her mother and the most arrogant and wonderful dog you could imagine.

They want to see who was leader of the pack between them, so I've started to take them out to train individually now, but they still don't want to retrieve and would rather play with the dummy!  As far as obedience is concerned they are great to voice, whistle and hand signals -- great!

Other pictures received:
A Basswood labrador
A Basswood labrador
"Luci" aged 2 years

A Basswood labrador - Hesta


Basswood Kara
in Columbus, Ohio
Basswood Kara
Basswood Kara
Kara -- a leaping dive
Basswood labrador Kara at Christmas
Christmas Kara 

Kara with Mary

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