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of Past Friends
Basswood Kara (1997-2011)

Sad news - 
Kara died but after a long and happy life.
The Crall Family, Ohio, USA
Click here to look at her in her prime!

 Basswood Moray (2002-2011)  'Eppy'

She was a wonderful dog - lively and faithful to the end. We are so grateful to have had her in our life.
Kath Woodward and family

BASSWOOD KRIS (1996-2011) 

He was a fantastic pet - We called him Max.

Andrew and Sian Radley

Sadie (Basswood Athena) passed away this morning at the grand age of 14years 5months.  She was a fantastic little gun dog for my husband and a wonderful family companion and we thank you for the pleasure of so many years with one of your babies. 
On a happier note Buster (Basswood Gino), is doing very well and is a loving family companion and I am sure he will miss Sadie as much as we will.  If we have as many happy years with him, we will be very blessed.

Thank you
Mary Tilley

BASSWOOD VESPA (1999-2012)

Sam proved to be the most handsome and intelligent dog that I have ever had the pleasure of caring for. Sam was a great working dog. He loved people and everyone loved him. Well loved throughout his long life.
        John Gedney. Lincoln.

BASSWOOD LIVET (2002-2013)

It is with a sad heart to inform you that Basswood Livet (aka Storm) passed away on 14/6/2013. 
He was the bestest friend a girl could have asked for and is greatly missed. 
Thank you for allowing Storm into my life, it definitely won't be the same without him.


BASSWOOD TIKE (2001-2013)
BASSWOOD SYRAH (2001-2013) 

Neil and I bought Basswood Tike and we named her 'Gemma' after her great grandma, Gem.  She was the daughter of Lyndseylodge Jet and Basswood Spycatcher in 2001; then 6 months later we bought Tia ( Basswood Syrah) her parents were Glensure Glebe and Basswood Ballad.

They have been a total joy.

Gemma was a good natured, intelligent, loyal dog who loved splashing in the waves and swimming in any water she could find. Not to mention she was the prettiest girl around.

Tia was a timid little thing scared of her own shadow sometimes, but she was loving loyal and beautiful - but she hated water and used to dance on the edge of the sand while Gemma would crash around - they were so different. Tia loved eating and sleeping and had the most waggiest tail ever. They both adored country walks and playing.  Their coats were very shiny and often attracted comments. They were inseparable.  They both had good health all their lives.

We feel fortunate to have had many happy years with them. We lost Gemma in May this year,  2013 and Tia passed in September. We loved them and life is empty without them. Thank you for breeding such strong healthy puppies who have given us such pleasure and happiness.

Neil and Lissa Macfarlane

Ingleby Arms, Marton

(d. 2013)
& her daughter
(d. 2010)

Frank,  it is with deep sadness and tears in my eyes,  I am writing to let  you know that on Thursday 06/06/2013 09:30 we lost our much loved Sky.  As you know she had been ill, and as you would have expected from Sky she fought a great fight, but eventually she became tired and was unable to carry on.  We have been very fortunate to have been able to share in Skyís great life. 

I donít think I need to tell you how that now, along with her fantastic daughter Ruan, (who died 20:35 31/12/2010 ) there will be a great gap in our lives. All dogs are different, all have different personalities and can and should never be looked to be replaced.  We are fortunate in that we still have a piece of each of them in our son's dog, Tiki, Sky's granddaughter, Ruan's daughter.

Best Regards Bill